Welcome to Middle School

Dear Parents,

As I begin my second school year as principal of Dasman Bilingual Middle School, I am excited and deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our/your children. We will accomplish this by setting high academic expectations for all children and providing supportive systems to assure they are met. By addressing school culture, setting high standards for teacher performance and increased academic expectations for all students, it is our goal at DBS that all students are ready for the next academic level.

Most of you know me by now as I have served at Dasman Bilingual School for over two decades. My Academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Masters in Leadership of Education. I will continue to work closely with the Middle School academic team that consists of Ms. Victoria McNair, Mr. Russell Gross and the English subject areas head of department members. With all of our efforts collectively; a competent team, remarkable teachers, involved parents, and committed students, we strive to make the middle school a wonderful and unique place.

I am pleased to share some of the exciting and outstanding programs at DBS.  Middle School offers a variety of academic programs such as IXL, Education City and Britannica. IXL and Education City programs offer numerous skills in math and English that are aligned with Common Core Standards and used in conjunction with classroom learning assignments and assessments. In addition to IXL and Education City, Britannica is an on-line encyclopedia which serves as an exciting and up-to-date trusted resource. Students will also have access to on-line math, science, and English resources that are connected to their classroom textbook. As the year progresses, our student will also take part in project based learning activities and be exposed to technology projects. We will also be implementing a Robotics Program for certain grade levels as part of the STEM initiative. 

I would like to shed the light on some of our sports achievements from last academic year; as members of KSAA, MEUC and KFSACK, we participated with other teams on a national and international level. Our U14 and U12 boys won first places in football and basketball games respectively.

I am looking forward to working with you and your student as we work toward an academically successful school year. It has been a pleasure to serve as the principal of Dasman Bilingual Middle School and I look forward to another year of service.  

Rihab Abdel Khalek

Middle School Principal