Welcome to Kindergarten


September 2019

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the Kg Division at Dasman Bilingual School. My name is Cristina Machuca and I am excited to return to the Kg Division as the principal, a place where I began several years ago.  I was the Kg principal from 2010-2014 and am happy to return to my roots as an Early Years leader. I would like to welcome you and your child to our school where we have a dedicated team of Early Years teaching professionals.  Mr. Will Human will be returning to the division as the Vice Principal and I look forward to working together with him to help provide the best there is to offer to our students.  I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our returning students and parents and I wish you a wonderful year.  Please note the following to make your start to school a success:

The Kg division consists of Grades Pre-K, Kg1 & Kg2 School times are from 7:00am-1:00pm.  Parents who wish to keep their children until 2:00pm are encouraged to enroll their Kg children in our Crèche program as soon as possible. Our Crèche program functions as an extension of the classroom where your child will engage in academic, social and fun activities; Students are required to be in full uniform no later than September 19th, 2019; Books and notebooks can be purchased in the D3 finance office.  Uniforms can be purchased directly in the uniform store located in the D7 basement. All students in the Kg division are required to be toilet trained and diapers/training underwear are not allowed.  Please note that you will be required to collect your child until he/she is fully toilet trained.  This is for the health and safety of all of our children Attendance, late arrivals and early releases will be monitored and will be part of the child’s participation grade; Class Change Requests- Please note that class lists have been put together taking into consideration the class make up.  We take into consideration the balance of gender in each class as well as the overall number.  We recommend allowing children time to acclimate to their new class before making any decisions to move them.  If you choose to move your child, please come to the Kg office in D5 and fill out a request.  If a request is approved, the child will be moved by October so that we can ensure that our class lists are up to date and correct.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.

In order to effectively monitor classroom instruction and ensure continuity in our instructional plan, the Kg Administration Team will only be available to parent meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:00- 2:30.  This is to allow the team time to focus on teaching and learning. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in respecting these office hours to better serve your children’s needs. 

I’m looking forward to a great year with your children and I look forward to seeing our students, both new and returning!



Cristina Machuca

Kg Principal

Dasman Bilingual School