DBS considers hiring qualified employees a fundamental asset to its growth. All our staff hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in addition to relevant experience. DBS prides itself in being home to a team of multicultural teachers and staff, we seek quality wherever it may be found, the USA, UK, Lebanon, Kuwait, South Africa, Australia and more.

DBS is the ONLY school in Kuwait, which promotes true inclusiveness, best resembled in the integration of our mainstream students with our special needs students. This promotion of compassion and acceptance is further encouraged via our staff members and leadership management, working collectively to endorse our strategic values to Engage, Empower, Innovate all those comprising the Dasman community!

Professional development is one of the many ways in which we seek to reward and advance our team. We are an entity, which supports internal growth and will gladly contribute to all actions, which render mutually beneficial to both the employee and us. Over the years, we have witnessed teachers grow into counsellors and principals at the school, fostering an environment of loyalty and trust, essential for any working community.
The opportunity to live close to school and save on expenses, in new fully furnished apartments, makes life easier for our staff. Shared accommodation for single employees creates a warm environment to make friends strengthen collaborations. Families enjoy more privacy and space in their own apartments. Two-way transportation for teachers living in our second location further away from school is available all year round.


Thank you for your interest in Dasman Bilingual School!
If you wish to become a member of the Dasman team, please review the vacancies listed below.
Please note that we will contact you if you meet the basic requirements of the job posting.

2020/2021 vacancies:

If you meet the requirements, kindly send your CV to HR@dasmanschool.com.kw

  • All applicants require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • English language proficiency.
  • Middle and high school teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in the subject area they wish to teach.
  • Faculty of the Special Education department require a university degree in special needs.
  • Teaching assistants require a bachelor’s degree in either education or English literature.

If found suitable for a current job opening, the below documents need to be provided in order to be considered for the position;

  • A cover letter summarizing your interest in the position, no more than one page in length.
  • A current resume.
  • Copies of all degrees earned.
  • Validated and attested university degree/s.
  • Copies of transcripts.
  • Two reference letters.
  • Experience letters from previous employers.
  • Previous ministry of education approval if present.
  • Passport copy (valid for no less than two years) and a copy of the civil id for local hires.


Dasman leadership team will be conducting the interviews in person at varying recruitment fairs or via skype for applicants who are unable to attend selected job fairs.


Benefits Package

For overseas teachers;

Salary calculation considers applicant’s previous experience as a full time teacher, his/her university degree and the position they are applying for.