About Dasman Bilingual School

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Since 1996, Dasman Bilingual School in Sharq has been enriching the lives of its students, their families, and the community by providing high quality, bilingual education in a safe and positive learning environment, which fosters the academic, social, spiritual and moral development of each child.  

Our stride towards leadership has not been easy as we gradually grew from 400 students located in just two buildings in 1996 to more than 2800 students spread across seven buildings in what is currently one of the largest private schools in Kuwait.   The campus boasts two swimming pools, two auditoriums, football fields, indoor play areas for our younger students, indoor and outdoor basketball courts in addition to music rooms, computer and science labs, a spacious cafeteria and library will shortly follow.

Our diverse student body comprised of children from different countries benefits from a progressive, modern and congenial school setting designed to foster academic achievement. We are committed to internationalism and seek to promote a multicultural community. Additionally, our mission serves to encourage global citizenship with the understanding that learning is challenging, connected and never ending.  
This vision and a keen desire to improve continuously has been the driving force towards many, and most, of the academic and non-academic decisions taken. Embarking on a journey aimed at a more holistic approach to education, the school’s board of directors and executive management have built a vision crystallizing their beliefs of empowering, engaging, inspiring and motivating the youths of today, for a better future tomorrow.